Hello, my name is Yuliya

I am a speech therapist. I have a professional practice for more than 15 years. I successfully work with various speech disorders in children and adults.

Individual lessons for

Correction of the pronunciation of all sounds of the native language with dyslalia and dysarthria.
›Development of speech in children with dyspraxia, bilingualism.
›Correction of speech with rhinolalia.
›Improving diction and technique for adults.
›Normalization of the tempo and rhythm of speech during stuttering, tachyllalia and bradilalia
Stuttering corrections

What will happen in the diagnosis?
You will get acquainted with a speech therapist and tell us what results you want to get after class.
Diagnostics takes place in the form of a test: a speech therapist will check sound pronunciation, breathing, determine if there are myofunctional disorders, and the state of the voice. In children, we will additionally check coherent speech, vocabulary and grammar.
At the end of the session, the speech therapist will tell you about the diagnostic results - what is good and what you should pay attention to, suggest a lesson plan and answer your questions.

Start your class with diagnostics

Sound production courses for teenagers and adults

When buying a course, diagnostics are free

Sign up for diagnostics via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp

The cost of speech therapist diagnostics is 10 $

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