Speech therapist

I am a speech therapist with 15 years of experience. I have skills: tactile-kinesthetic stimulation, bioenergoplasty, kinesio taping, neurostimulation, myofunctional correction, speech therapy and probe massage.

I love working with difficult cases and finding various ways to help.

What problems do I solve
Dislalia simple and complex
distorted pronunciation of sounds, which occurs in the absence of problems from the central nervous system
Dysarthria with cerebral palsy and its erased forms

violation of sound pronunciation, which is associated with a violation of innervation (nerveconduction) in some parts of the speech and respiratory apparatus


nasal tone of voice, accompanied by impaired pronunciation and due to defects in the structure and functioning of the speech apparatus

Dysphonia, Rhinophonia and Aphonia

various disorders of the voice, in which its quality is disturbed and it becomes inferior - weak, low-modulated, hoarse with a nasal tinge, and so on


frequent repetitions and prolongation in speech of sounds, syllables or words that are associated with the convulsive state of the muscles of the speech apparatus

Tahilalia, bradilalia

Disorders of the tempo and rhythm of speech: speaking too fast or too slow
Diplomas, certificates, certificates

Specialist Diploma with Honors 2007

by specialty methodologist of preschool education, teacher-speech therapist.

Certificate of advanced training
Moscow Psychological and Social University 2017

Refresher courses on the topic "Stuttering has appeared. What to do? Health-saving speech therapy technologies in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard" Moscow -2016

Complex work with myofunctional and speech disorders in children with disabilities using classical and modern methods.

Certificate of advanced training

International Institute of Informatics, Management, Economics and Law in Moscow, 2019

Innovative and classical techniques for overcoming OHP in children with complex speech disorders in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard

Certificate of advanced training

Moscow Psychological and Social University 2019

Techniques for improving the pronunciation side of speech among specialists of voice-speech professions

Using speech therapy massage techniques in the process of setting difficult sounds

The problem of impeccableness in children. Diagnostics and correction.
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